YMakers Parties

We host YMakers parties at the Presidio Community YMCA!

On Saturdays, we are available between 12 and 7pm (latest party start time at 4pm).  The parties run in 3-hour blocks, meaning you have 30 minutes for setup (which a Y staff member will be there to assist you with), 2-hour party, and 30 minutes for clean up. The latest party start time is 4pm since we close at 7pm.  You can also start on the half hour mark if you’d like. 

 Depending on the party type, we can run various activities.  If you choose a pool party, the first hour will be in the small pool (reserved for you guys).  The second hour will be in the party room/gym area for food, cake, etc.  

 If you decide on a gym party, options are very open for activities.  We can customize the party to whatever the birthday child would prefer: Basketball game, soccer game, kickball game, bounce house, trikes, toys, balls, etc. The activity run really depends on the age group of the kids.  You’re also welcome to bring in outside supplies.  I’ve had parties with a balloon maker, face painter, and more! You’ll have the gym as well as the party room.

 A YMakers party option involves our YMaker staff member, Jeff.  He can build a custom design either individually (everyone takes something home) or collaborate together to make a bigger project (last time he built a Star Wars themed go-kart with the birthday boy).  Everyone goes in and helps throughout the party and by the time the party is over, the project is finished! Depending on requested projects there may be an extra charge for materials. You would also have the gym space and party room.

 Once we have your party booked, I’ll charge the $100 deposit, and the remaining amount will be charged two weeks before the party date.