YMakers reflections

Read what these YMakers have to say about their time in our makeshop. Fun times had by all! (I’ll translate some of their chicken scratches)


“I made a boat and a car” -“I learned that some tools can be dangerous,” and “I loved that I got to use some cool tools.”



“I made a race car stadium “, “I used the band saw”
Addendum: this YMaker did, in fact, build a large model of the Titanic with his pals during later workshops at the Y. It was pieced together from scrap wood that they’d salvaged from older projects, and the team built it entirely on their own. They are proud of their hard work and dedication to their project.


This maker later told me that he was glad to be in our program because it was a place where he knew he was trusted, when he didn’t often feel trusted elsewhere. He said he would show people the things that he leaned and practiced at YMakers so that they would give him more trust.

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